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Florist services available

7 days a week


The Country Store is open daily.

We always keep in stock a

large selection of succulents and house plants.


 Farm Fresh Produce  available daily.




 Check out all of our services by clicking the links above.

What Makes Us Special

2023 marks our 33rd  year in business and we continue to be committed to bringing you the best available plants and products at the lowest prices possible. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just beginning your adventure, we are here to help! 



What our customers are saying


Bruce and his staff are just the BEST !! So friendly and so eager to help you !! I was there the other day and asked an employee where the sweet potato vines were. He could have just pointed, but he walked me straight to them, made sure I found the color I wanted, & asked if he could help me carry them to the register!

You don’t get service like that anymore !!! I’m thrilled Bruce is expanding and growing his business. His flowers and plants are always so beautiful !!! He’s truly an asset to our little town !!


Margaret Sewell- Satisfied Customer, 2018

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